Sabong Online

Is it Safe to Play Sabong Online Legally? Read This First!

The history of sabong began some 3,000 years ago in the Philippines where 2 roosters or cocks are placed inside an arena where betting is made on which of them come out victorious. This activity has been regulated by the local government units (LGU) concerned that you can also refer to popular sabong online slot reviews.


In the case of e-sabong or sabong online, the betting happens remotely or offsite showcasing cockfighting matches, events, and activities on live broadcast from the cockpit arena. These are under the authority of the local government units having jurisdiction of said activities.


So, you can bet on the cockfights wherever you are through sabong online at Casino Online Philippines. The concept is just the same as traditional cockfighting where 2 roosters fight it out for dominance. Despite the difficulty of predicting the victor, it can add to your chances if you play it smart.


How to play sabong online for beginners


The basic concepts and terminologies of sabong online should be familiarized first before you would place your bets in the game. This is also the basis on how you are going to play well and win in online sabong. 


Basically, sabong online is just the version of cockfighting done in a remote location. So, instead of betting inside the cockpit or arena with other gamblers, you can enjoy the convenience of waiting for the winner anywhere you want, especially if you prefer playing sabong online for free at the comfort of your own home.


You can follow the steps here to play if you haven’t done it before. First off, you need to register to sabong online from a trusted online casino of your choice. Then, you can click the ‘sign-up’ button and register your account using your mobile number in K9Win casino online.


After the registration is successful, you can now log into your account to play the game.


  • Click the ‘account’ button
  • Click the ‘deposit’  button
  • Indicate the amount
  • Press the ‘OK’ button


You can now begin to make your bet after the deposit in K9Win casino Philippines. The bets go either ‘meron’ for the favored rooster also called ‘llamado’, or ‘wala’ for the less favored contender also called ‘dejado’. 


If your bet wins, you can claim your prize. However, there are also instances that call for a draw where you neither won nor lost. Find out if you can play this game by visiting K9Win casino reviews the Philippines.


How to win big in sabong online games


  • Pick the rooster with a track record


Needless to say, you need to bet on one with experience in winning a number of matches under its belt. In sabong online, you can have an idea who’s who through the different colored circles below a live cockfight.


So, the red circle indicates the number of wins, while the blue one shows the number of losses. Drawn fights are also circles in yellow.


  • Evaluate the form and gesture of the rooster


You can see here which one is better by just looking at its form or gestures. This can enable you to weigh its agility, stamina, and strength. The feathers of the rooster also have an impact in choosing wherein shiny feathered fighters indicate wellness and properly taken care of.


  • Check rooster statistics before the match


You should take into consideration the statistics of the competing rooster before the match starts. This is announced by the commentator including its previous wins, losses, and draws.


Top-rated sites offering sabong online


If you are looking for great sites to play sabong online, here are top picks to suit your needs. K9win for instance provides a great selection of online sabong, as well as various games of poker and relevant games that offer live dealer options.


K9win is one of the oldest online casinos that has been around since 2016, which you can rely on when betting online. It also has some interesting games for beginners other than just playing cards. K9Win casino review also provides more information to learn more about this top-rated site.


Current status of sabong online in the Philippines


Lots of people are concerned as to reports regarding the operation of sabong online to be temporarily closed. Thus, it renders all other similar activities illegal in the Philippines. However, while the LGU is regulating live cockfighting in arenas, it is the authority of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) to control e-sabong and other related operations.


This involves online or remote or offsite wagering and betting of live cockfighting. It is the job of PAGCOR to regulate the framework, process applications, and issue licenses for the gambling operations. Moreover, it is affirmative that the sabong online slots industry is under pressure after reports of closure for an indefinite period of time.


According to the Department of Interior and Local Government, the sabong online slot Philippines operation is a violation of a presidential directive covered by the 1974 Cockfighting Law or Presidential Decree 449 as amended by Presidential Decree 1602 rendering only face-to-face cockfighting as lawful.


Perhaps if you are abroad, you can play and enjoy the exciting game of sabong online slot online because it is beyond the reach of legislation within the country. You can visit popular online casinos or read some valuable sabong online reviews to learn more about the mechanics of the game when playing abroad.