Money Train 2 Slot

Money train 2 slots review 2022

By the end of 2019, the original Money Train slot had completely run off the rails, giving Relax Gaming a huge hit. The base game may not have been the most thrilling one available, but the bonus game was packed with potential. The studio quickly released a hyped-up sequel to capitalize on the interest in the first film. 

Money Train 2 has improved nearly every aspect while addressing some of the criticism the first one received. Even the theme has been improved. Money Train 2 is still set in the American West, but it is now more of a futuristic West with a lot of steampunk elements. 

By choosing wagers between 20p and £/€20 per spin on any device, players board the train. RTP has increased slightly to 96.4%, and when the bonus buy feature is engaged, it soars to an astounding 98%. As expected, there is a lot of volatility in the game, which can cause a lot of nothing in the base game and sharp explosions in the unpredictable bonus game. 

Although updated, the symbols still share a similar appearance. Low-paying characters are made up of diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, while high-paying characters have a similar appearance but have undergone cosmetic changes to make them more Mad Max-like. The necromancer, the tough guy collector, the green-backed sniper, and the female player are all present here.


Money Train 2: Features

Like the rest of Money Train 2,

The core features haven’t changed, they’ve just been significantly enhanced. The base game does include a new feature that lets players accomplish two goals at once. One, it adds some excitement to what would have otherwise been a fairly dull experience in Part 1. 

The disappointment of not landing quite enough scatters to start the main event is lessened by doing this, too. When two scatter symbols appear on the reels, the “Respins” feature is activated.

 After adding the multipliers revealed by each scatter, there is a respin. The number of respins increases by one for each spin that does not result in a win and continues until one does. A winning combination triggers the accrued multiplier.

  • Contains a value between 1 and 10; bonus symbol.
  • A value between 20 and 200x is revealed by the golden bonus symbol.
  • payer increases the value of each additional visible symbol. All values that are visible are gathered by the collector and added to their own value.
  • The total of all other visible values is added to the value of the collector or payer.
  • The remaining visible symbols are then updated with the new value.
  • The value of three to eight additional bonus symbols is doubled by the sniper.
  • It can take multiple actions on the same symbol.
  • Necromancer: Reanimates 1–6 previously used symbols.
  • This could be the sniper, payer, collector, or collector/payer.
  • Reset Plus: raises the spins’ initial value by 1
  • A consistent payer increases the value of all other symbols on subsequent spins.

There won’t be a test on this list of symbols later, so don’t worry. It suffices to say that each symbol increases the bet multiplier, and some of them also have a unique modifier that significantly raises it. In a novel twist, if a reel is full of symbols, another reel unlocks, giving players more space to place symbols. A maximum of 2 additional reels may be active. The game also includes a bonus buy feature when it is offered. On the following spin, the Money Cart Bonus Round begins if the wager is multiplied by 100.


Can I play the slot machine Money Train 2 for free? 

You can, indeed! At Casino Online Philippines, you can play the Money Train 2 slot machine for free. Find the ideal games for you by taking the train for a spin alongside thousands of other slot demos.

Can I use real money to play the Money Train 2 slot machine?

Definitely! Any casino website that offers slot games from the Relax Gaming library lets you play the Money Train 2 online slot for real money. To find a trustworthy casino, read our recommendations for safe casino online.

What features does the Money Train 2 slot machine have?

The exciting features of the Money Train 2 slot machine include wilds, respins, and a bonus round with multipliers that can award wins of up to 50,000 times your wager.

How do I make a deposit so I can play the Money Train 2 slot machine for real money?


All you have to do to make a deposit to play the Money Train 2 slot machine is sign up with an established casino and decide on a safe online payment option that is accessible in your nation.

Money Train 2: Conclusion

Although the first Money Train was known for being erratic, Part 2 takes it to another level. Although the respins feature partially mitigates this effect, patience might be needed. As a result of the respin feature, which appears fairly frequently to improve the balance and motivation, the base game is more engaging than the original. In this scenario, you obviously want a lot of dead spins to accrue in order to maximize the multiplier. Despite the new respin feature, the elusive bonus game remains the focus. Since it may take some time for the feature to activate naturally, this is where the buy feature becomes very alluring. As an illustration, it took control during testing.