How to win at a live casino

Online gambling, particularly live casino games, can undoubtedly rank among the most enjoyable and thrilling activities one can engage in. Winning is the best part of playing live casino games online with your favorite providers. Online live casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette can be won with a combination of skill, luck, and knowledge of the game. In this article, we’ll look at 5 strategies you can use to give yourself an advantage and make a tidy profit when playing at your preferred online live casinos.

Rule number one: Know when to hold them and when to fold them.

If you have ever played blackjack or even just know how to play the game in general, you should be aware that each hand that is drawn from the shoe necessitates action. Even being good at blackjack can give you a big advantage. By searching for “blackjack cheat sheet” in Google, you can learn when to hold or fold your hand. Knowing when to stop playing this fun and lucrative game is also a great quality to possess (if the shoe is bad for you).

Tip 2: The best wager should be a banker.

You always place the first wager when playing live baccarat. The banker should typically be responsible for that. Approximately 53% of the time, the banker will prevail in the majority of cases. They include the 5% commission to take from the bet to make sure you don’t have an advantage. You should typically support the banker until it loses. When playing baccarat, streaks frequently occur, so why not take advantage of them and make the most of them until you hit a big win? Remind yourself to back out and try again if you are having trouble.

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Play on a single-zero wheel in roulette as a third tip.

If you’ve played roulette frequently, you’ll be aware that the numbers on a typical roulette wheel range from 0 to 36. Nowadays, a lot of wheels use the double-zero wheel, which has the numbers 0, 00, and 1-36. When you place straight-up bets, you have an additional betting option, but the house edge for the casino increases from 2.7% to 5.26%, making it nearly twice as likely to end your winning streaks. As a result, we advise using a conventional 0-36 wheel with just one zero.

4. Never purchase insurance!

Blackjack can be a harsh mistress, as we all know. However, insurance is always a bad bet, regardless of the size of your bet or even your hand. Only four of the 13 possible cards can provide a dealer with the blackjack they require in addition to their ace. Despite sounding high, the likelihood is only slightly higher than 30%. Because insurance would only pay 2:1, which is a losing bet regardless, you have a 30% chance of losing regardless. Insurance should be avoided at all costs if you are playing for fun, but it may be necessary if you are a professional blackjack player or use some sort of counting system.

Tip 5: Refrain from getting upset if a wager on a particular number loses.

In addition to giving you the best odds, placing a straight-up bet on roulette (where you wager on a single number to be the result) also makes the game the most enjoyable for you. We’ve all experienced the situation where you bet on a number repeatedly and it never wins; as a result, you decide to switch things up and place a wager on a different number, only to discover that the number you initially selected wins. Though it can be very upsetting and annoying, don’t worry about it! The roulette wheel may appear to be trying to win you over, but the game is random, and as luck would have it, it landed in the pocket you had previously bet. Pick yourself back up, gather your thoughts, and try to win that 36:1 again.

Bonus Advice: Select the top live casino providers!

Live casinos are now by no means uncommon in general. When playing online live casino games, choosing the best operator with the best offers and bonuses can make all the difference. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of providers who all offer the same games. Why not look at our list of the top live game operators?

Bonus Tip 2: Managed your Bankroll Well

This tip isn’t based on anything other than your bankroll. Managing your bankroll (or your virtual wallet) when playing with the best operators for live games can make all the difference. Let’s say you deposit £20 into an account and get up to £40. Why not withdraw £20 so you’re essentially playing for free? This can be a great way to keep gambling fun and exciting while you’re not losing anything.

Not only this, but keeping an eye on how much you’re winning or losing can be important to make sure that you don’t spend more than you can lose. Once you’re ahead, take a bit out to avoid losing anything! 


Use some of these strategies to make the most of your live casino experience if you’ve found some of the top operators for live games and have chosen your game. Please let us know if you used these suggestions and what you won! Please share with us any additional advice you may have gained from experience and found to be effective. Take a look at some of our verified and reviewed operators here and choose from some of the best if you want some advice on which operators are the best for live games.Casino Philippines