How to play slotomania casino

Playtika, the first company to bring free-to-play casino games to social networks, developed and created the Slotomania social gaming online casino. 

Even though there are now countless options for social gaming websites and apps, Slotomania is still considered to be among the best. Slotomania is a fantastic choice for you if you enjoy playing slots but don’t want to risk your own hard-earned money to do so. They have an enormous selection of slots, alluring bonuses, and captivating graphics to keep you occupied for hours on end. 

Additionally, if you want to play, you won’t be forced to play on a computer. Thanks to mobile gaming, you can use a mobile device to play your favorite slots wherever you are, whether you’re on the couch, in a bus, or anywhere else you might have a few spare minutes.

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Software and Game Selection 

Everyone can play the Slotomania social gaming app because it is available on a variety of different platforms and gadgets, including PCs, Macs, and mobile phones. The social networking site Facebook is a particularly common choice for players to connect. Slotomania has you covered, regardless of your device or download capacity! We had no trouble installing the app or getting it to work, and we also discovered that using a web browser to play made for an excellent experience.

There are a total of 70 slots available at Slotomania, and each one has been carefully and thoughtfully created. The slots actually look just as good as those at standard real money online Casino Philippines. Additionally, all of the slots on this website are unique to Slotomania and are not available anywhere else online.

though not all of the slots are available to you right away. You must, however, earn them. You’ll find that as you play, you’ll win coins, and you can use these coins to buy new games from the portfolio. Vegas Cash will be the only slot available to you when you first begin, but don’t worry—more slots can be unlocked incredibly quickly.

It should be noted that the Slotomania team is very active in developing fresh and thrilling slots for you to play. Even if you succeed in unlocking every slot the game has to offer, new and exciting ones will soon be added to the website. As a result, you won’t ever get tired of playing on this website.

Casino mobile

Players can conveniently play their preferred casino games anywhere, at any time, thanks to mobile gaming apps. Through app stores like the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows App Store, users can access this social gaming app.

You can always access Slotomania games with the help of this incredibly well-designed app, no matter where you are. For app users, frequent updates guarantee that there is always something new and enjoyable to enjoy. 

Although you can download the app for free, there are in-app purchases that you can make to enhance your gaming experience even further. If you don’t want to download anything onto your phone or tablet, you can also access Slotomania social gaming through Facebook.

The graphics on the Slotomania app and website are colorful, captivating, and fluid. Playing on a phone won’t affect the quality in any way, and using a tablet with good graphics, like an iPad or a Fire Tablet, will make your gaming experience even better. However, in essence, compatibility shouldn’t be an issue because you can play this game on any smartphone or tablet.


While Slotomania needs your personal information to create your account, it never sells or otherwise divulges this information to outside parties. You may choose to opt out of these communications at any time, but Slotomania may use your information to keep you informed about updates and special promotions to enhance your gaming experience. Slotomania only offers social network gaming on the most well-known and reliable websites, like Facebook and Twitter.

You should keep in mind that when using Slotomania, in-app purchases are possible. There’s no need to worry, though, as SSL encryption technology will properly protect all of your financial information when you make a purchase. You can disable in-app purchases using the settings on your mobile device, if you’d like.


Look no further than Slotomania if you’re looking for a fantastically social environment in which to play free online slots. This website offers the same bonuses of playing real money online slots without any of the risk thanks to its excellent graphics, frequent bonuses, and without any . We advise visiting this website right away to create an account, whether you’re a beginner at slots or an experienced player looking for some fun.