How to play Ocean king arcade

How to Play: Ocean King Arcade Machine Fish Hunter Game

Up to six (or eight) players can compete against one another in the Ocean King English Version Fish Hunter Game in a race to catch the most plentiful and lucrative fish while scoring points to win the biggest payout! This straightforward idea is countered by quick-paced, action-packed gameplay that requires skill, coordination, and quick thinking to succeed! 

With the Ocean King Fish Hunter game, six to ten players can compete against one another in a race to catch the most abundant and lucrative fish while scoring points to win the biggest payout! Fast, exciting gameplay that necessitates quick thinking, skill, and coordination balances out this straightforward concept. 

The cabinet has a 55-inch LCD screen with a high resolution and excellent 3D graphics that create stunningly realistic ocean scenery. The cabinet also accepts coins as an input and produces redemption tickets; a note acceptor option is also available.

The Ocean King 3 Plus: Crab Avengers, Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken, and Ocean King 3: Turtles Revenge, the latest in the long line of successful Ocean King franchise, are now available as 6-, 8-, or 10 player video redemption fish hunting games in which players must battle the ocean’s most terrifying monsters. Although the gameplay and controls are essentially the same, this edition is much more action-packed, making the transition quite seamless. Six BOSS characters and a total of 16–17 returning characters appear in Ocean King 3! Ocean King 3 is the most enjoyable and exciting Ocean King game to date, thanks to the Lightning Chain feature’s return as well as a ton of new features, a brand-new collection of potent weapons, and exciting new minigames. to complete stages, catch fish, win games, and take on the SIX BIG BOSS characters!

 The game is available in an 8 player cabinet as well as a brand-new 10 player cabinet with an incredible LCD screen and 3D graphics!

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Ocean King Main Gameplay

Start the game by 

To begin the game, place coins (or notes, if you have that option purchased) into the note acceptor or the coin acceptor, respectively.

Select your weapon. A new cumulative super gun and two additional fish hunter weapons are available in Ocean King. Players can switch their weapon at any time using the “Weapon” change button, and each gun has a different net size and power level.

Take your aim! –

The joystick must be used by players to aim their net gun at a target. Players can try to catch 16 different kinds of fish, including four new species! Clown fish, snappers, lantern fish, devilfish, lionfish, sharks, saw sharks, butterfly fish, lobsters, spearfish, sea turtles, flounder, the Ocean Lord Killer Whale, the Humpback Whale, and the Bomb Crab are among the various fish up for grabs.

Fire at will! The “SHOOT” button is pressed by players after they have lined up a target in an attempt to land a fish. It’s wise to try and be a little selective in what you try and catch because every fish has a different point value.

Ending the game: To receive your money after finishing, hold down the payout button for 3 seconds. The primary gameplay is enjoyable, but there are three additional thrilling minigames that randomly initiate while playing the primary game. Players should make use of these in order to win the game. Features of the minigame include. 

When a player successfully captures a bomb crab, the crab explodes, and if any other fish are harmed as a result, the player will receive bonus points. Nine different fish species—snappers, clown fish, butterfly fish, fugu, lionfish, flounder, lobster, spearfish, and octopus—are vulnerable to Chain Thunder. Utilize the chain to catch up to nine different species of fish at once and earn extra points based on the quantity and variety of fish that are visible on the screen at any given time. 

Every fish has a twister feature, with the exception of devilfish, sharks, killer whales, humpback whales, and bomb crabs. The fish that is equipped with the twister feature at the time the player picks it captures all of the identical fish nearby for the player.

Playthrough and Features

Place your coins in the coin acceptor (or any other input/output devices you have purchased) to put on and payout credits, and then use the joystick to direct your net gun at the fishy targets. Once your target is in position, press the “SHOOT” button to attempt to catch the fish as they pass by. 

Players can choose between the game’s three main guns at any time; simply press the “Weapon” change button to alter the type of gun and net size. Once you’re finished, press and hold the payout button for three seconds to get your tickets.Casino Philippines