How to play Dragon Tiger online

You probably haven’t ever wondered what would happen if you combined the games of baccarat and casino war. In other words, it doesn’t keep me up at night. The truth is that if you frequently visit casinos, the solution has been right in front of you the entire time. A game called Dragon Tiger has baccarat-like visuals, or at least a slimmed-down version of them, and it functions similarly to Casino War. 

Given how well-liked baccarat is in the Far East, it should come as no surprise that this version incorporates traditional Asian symbolism in the form of the dragon and tiger.

As you will see, the game is incredibly simple to play and suggests a fairly low house edge, given that the outcomes are ties, tiger wins, or dragon wins.Tips and Tricks for playing Online Dragon Tiger

Game Rules for Dragon Tiger

You only need to choose your bet size and whether to wager on the dragon, the tiger, or a tie when playing Dragon Tiger at TwinSpires Casino. With an ace being the lowest (one) and all other cards ranked as in poker, meaning 2 through 10, J, Q, and K, you are betting on which of the two players will receive the higher card value.

The dealer will then deal one card face up to each player using eight 52-card standard decks. The player with the highest card wins. The match ends in a tie if both values are the same. If either the dragon or the tiger wins, you receive a 1:1 payout. The payout is 11:1 if you chose ties and were successful. If there is a tie and you only backed the dragon or the tiger, you get back half of your bet. If you lose, you forfeit your bet.

When you sit down at the table, you will also see the odds for a suited tie, which occurs when both players have two cards with the same value and same suit, for example, two 3s. The payout for this is 50:1.

The odds of winning 50:1 are appealing, but the likelihood that they will do so is not; according to experts, the house edge on this wager alone is 13.98%. To chase the 50:1 shot and lose that much money over time is a lot.

You can place more bets in some Dragon Tiger games. For instance, you might be able to wager on whether the hands of the dragon and the tiger will be wearing red or black suits. You could wager on odd or even cards, or on whether the tiger or dragon will be high (beyond 7) or low (below 7). (above 7). All wagers are lost if the score is 7. Some casinos allow you to bet on one card being red, the other black, and one being odd and the other even, which just adds to the intrigue!

Dragon Tiger Technique

As you can see, Dragon Tiger is not the most complicated casino game in the world. Because of that, you might assume that there isn’t much strategy. However, there are some things you can do—or, more importantly, avoid—to reduce your possible losses. The first rule is to never wear a tie, especially a suit tie.

Those tempting odds have a high house advantage. Stick with backing the tiger or the dragon instead; while payouts are only 1:1, you will still get your stake back if a tie occurs. In this way, your ability to turn a small profit during a session depends on a good run of results. You shouldn’t have to endure a significant losing streak unless you are extremely unlucky.

If your game offers those extra side bets, stay away from the high and low bets because a 7 will result in the loss of all wagers. Choose the 1:1 wager of red or black instead. There is no other clever tactic to increase your chances besides playing responsibly and within your budget.

Play Dragon Tiger Online

Why not give Dragon Tiger a try at TwinSpires Casino right away if you haven’t before? If you haven’t already, create an account, deposit money, take advantage of the welcome bonus, and go to the Dragon Tiger tables. Good fortune! Casino Philippines