How to cash out your online casino 

You just need to withdraw the funds into your account, and you’re ready to enjoy your casino winnings, right? Learn about the simple methods Canadian players can use to withdraw their winnings. Everything from the quickest payout options to tax regulations has been covered.

Three steps to cashing out

  1. To cash out your winnings, open the casino software and go to the cashier, which is where you put your money in the first place.

  2. From here, choose the option to withdraw money from the casino and choose the way you want to deposit money.

  3. Give them any additional personal or billing information they request, and then click the “Withdraw” button to send the withdrawal.

Casinos want to make the process as simple as possible because it is fairly self-explanatory. Just be aware that there are some places where you might run into trouble. You must choose the best withdrawal option before attempting to make an online casino withdrawal.

Top casino withdrawal options

There are many options for cashing out at most upscale online casinos, but fewer for making deposits. This is precisely why, even if your preferred deposit method is accepted, you should always check a casino’s cash out options before choosing it. Here are our top picks for online casinos in terms of payout times and available payment options:

Casino banking options in Canada

If you want to play for real money online, there are a variety of payment options available to you, depending on your preferences for quick and inexpensive transactions, your financial situation, your level of privacy concern, and any potential legal restrictions in your area. An overview of the most popular banking methods and some of their features for top Canadian casinos can be found below.

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Options for eWallet cash out

Because they allow you to store money in an online account similar to an electronic wallet that is available for spending, saving, and retrieval whenever you want, contemporary services like EcoCard, Skrill, and Neteller are collectively known as “eWallet services. The well-known brands are all very well-liked, secure, and quick, in addition to being efficient.

These online accounts are typically connected to your checking account. Money can be easily transferred between your physical bank and your online account, where it can be used at your online casino. When you withdraw money from an eWallet account, it usually takes two to three days for the money to show up in your account. Then, it will take a few more days for the money to reach your bank.

Fortunately, however, there are services like this that act as a fantastic barrier between online casinos and your personal bank account, making them perfect for privacy and safety concerns. Some of these choices are difficult for US players, as you may already be aware, but you might not be aware that Canadians frequently find themselves in the middle of the fray as well. For instance, no one in North America (including Canada) is permitted to use Neteller!

withdrawals from credit cardswithdrawals from credit cards

Cashing out at a casino using a credit card is fairly simple. Use the same billing and card details you used to make your credit card deposit to start the process over from scratch. The majority of credit card withdrawals can be processed in under a week and are very safe because of the safeguards provided by your credit card company. The withdrawal of money from your online casino account using MasterCard is no longer possible, but other brands like Visa are still very helpful.

Wire transfer withdrawals

Due to necessity, wire transfers have replaced checks as the standard withdrawal method for the majority of US online gamblers, and many Canadians benefit from the same advantages. To make a transfer of this nature, you must have faith in your online casino (since it requires you to share your bank account information). But by skipping the middleman, your casino funds will be delivered to you in as little as 5 to 10 business days.

No matter where you live, you should be able to cash out your real money winnings using wire transfers, especially if you used a deposit method like MasterCard that cannot be used for withdrawals.

Cashing out with checks and electronic checks

This is one of those well-established methods for cashing out at online casinos that shows that newer isn’t always better. No matter what technical restrictions you may encounter, using a check to cash out of an online casino site still works, and there is something special about getting a freshly cut paper check in the mail with your winnings—you can’t fake a wire transfer! Allow a few days for processing before another few for delivery.

You can also use eChecks, which are faster but just as trustworthy and secure as paper checks. If you stick with the online casinos we recommend, you’ll get your money more quickly than later, just like with all deposit options.

How withdrawal rates can affect bonuses

You’ll discover that real money welcome bonuses at online casinos typically have terms and conditions attached, like time restrictions. High wagering requirements, a requirement that establishes how many games you must play before you can withdraw your winnings, may prevent quick payouts at some casinos. To make withdrawing your real money winnings a fair and easy process, the best online casinos typically offer bonuses with straightforward and reasonable T&Cs.

What is required for quick withdrawals?

What merits your time in online casino withdrawals? When rating withdrawal processes, our review team takes a variety of factors into account. The variety of accepted banking options is more important than withdrawal speed, even though it ranks highly in our criteria.

Some casinos may not be suitable for you due to the limited banking options, depending on the banking methods you use and whether you reside in Canada or another country. There are numerous deposit and withdrawal options available at each of the top-rated casinos on our list. Some of the online casinos on our list also provide instant cash out options, enabling you to take your winnings the same day that you make a real money withdrawal request.

Our review team also looks at how the gambling sites stack up against one another and whether they provide top-notch games with user-friendly, well-designed software and real money bets. The safety and security of Canadian players’ online gambling withdrawals is another important factor we take into account. To keep your information safe, we check to see if deposits and withdrawals are encrypted.

Gambling taxes in Canada

Gamblers are subject to taxes in Canada, but only if their winnings qualify as a form of business income. You are exempt from paying taxes on your casino winnings if they aren’t regarded as your primary source of income! This is because of the “right to a prize” law in Canada.

So, how much money can you withdraw tax-free from a casino? There is no precise number, but if you view gambling as your job and your winnings make up a sizeable portion of your income, you probably have to pay taxes on your winnings. Professional gamblers undoubtedly fall into this category, and there is a significant amount of gray area for gamblers who need to use a variety of very specific strategies, such as poker players and sports bettors.

How our shortlisted casinos are rated

Finding the right casino may seem challenging due to the numerous ways in which they differ from one another. Because of this, our team of devoted reviewers and experienced players does the research for you so you can pick the top Canadian online casinos. The following criteria are taken into account when calculating a casino’s rating:

Game range

Your enjoyment will last longer if a casino has more games. The best Canadian casinos provide their patrons with a wide variety of games, including poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, bingo, and sports betting.

Player support

The best gaming websites have friendly, helpful customer service that users can reach at any time through a number of different ways.

Banking options

Top online casinos offer a wide variety of banking options. One factor that will help you select the best casino for you is instant withdrawals.

Bonus amounts

A quality casino will make sure that its sign-up incentives, special offers, and other benefits keep your bankroll looking healthy so you can play longer and develop into a devoted customer.


The best casinos offer software that is slick, strong, simple to use, and attractive to look at. It must function well on all gadgets, including iOS and Android or anything else that can connect to WiFi.

Mobile gaming

Nowadays, a lot of people spend very little time using their computers, so a top casino must be able to provide mobile gaming. Whether you use an iPhone, an Android phone, a tablet, or an iPad, it needs to be designed with comfort and speed in mind and shouldn’t consume a lot of bandwidth.

Online safety

While the software, banking options, aspeedsher features of onlioptions,nos are very important, it is crucial that your personal and banking information remain exclusively between you and the casino. The best 128-bit SLL encryption is what we look for in casinos, so you won’t have to be concerned about your information being compromised or divulged.