How Playtika Keeps Hitting the Jackpot

In our analysis of Slotomania, I analyze the phenomenal success of this well-liked casino game and what Playtika had to do to profit from it. Some of the topics I cover are as follows:

  • Slotomania’s KPIs
  • Advertising techniques
  • Creative strategies
  • App store optimization
  • Tips and tricks

Regarding Slotomania

One of the most played casino games in the slots subgenre is Slotomania by Playtika. Playtika, an Israeli video game studio, is its publisher. This casino game offers adventurous slots at the casino. As they advance in the game, players earn rewards and bonuses in addition to the 1 million free coins they receive initially. Additionally, Slotomania has a variety of mini-games that add to the game’s appeal.

How Playtika Keeps Hitting the Jackpot (1)

How Successful Is Slotomania?

There is no disputing Slotomania’s popularity. Even though this game was released ten years ago, it is still regarded as one of the best in its category. KPIs like revenue and downloads clearly demonstrate this.

Casino game downloads

More than 70 million people have downloaded Slotomania so far. Interestingly, ten years after the game’s debut, the downloads reached their peak in September 2021. This casino game has received more than 6 million downloads so far in 2022. The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, and Russia accounted for the majority of downloads.

Revenue from Slotorama

Slotomania is generating record amounts of money. It has already brought in more than $1.9 billion! As you can see, the profits are very large. There were some notable peaks, such as the one in 2020, when the mobile gaming sector as a whole experienced a boom. Playtika received $332 million just in 2020. Slotomania has made more than $160 million so far in 2022. The United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Germany account for the lion’s share of Slotomania’s revenue. The exceptional global cumulative RpD for Slotomania is $26,799 (lifetime revenue divided by lifetime downloads). However, the Tier 1 West RpD for Slotomania is as high as $45.59! 

Motivators of the Player

Why people are drawn to Slotomania is explained in the graph up top. According to GameRefinery, some of the primary reasons for playing include escapism (excitement and thrill), exploration (finding treasure), and social interaction. Based on these objectives, GameRefinery identified three gamer types who are playing Slotomania: thrill seekers, treasure hunters, and kings of the hill.

User Behavior

One might wonder why people would spend real money on a virtual casino game if there were no cash payouts. Why not visit a real-world casino and have the opportunity to win actual cash? Well, the sheer thrill of gambling is what drives active casino patrons more than money or rewards. In other words, the journey itself is more important than the final destination. Players of games like Slotomania enjoy the thrill of wagering, the potential for large payouts (even if they are made with virtual coins rather than actual cash), beating the odds, and hitting it lucky. We also need to think about the habits and age of casino patrons. As we have seen, Generation X and Baby Boomers make up the majority of Slotomania’s audience.  

This group is more likely to frequent casinos or engage in mobile gaming because they are either retired or work fewer hours. It gives them something enjoyable to do and becomes a part of their daily routine. Mobile casino games allow players to play from their homes or other locations. Furthermore, because the stakes are lower, they can play for longer periods of time. Another reason why many people prefer to play mobile games is their fear of losing real money. In games like Slotomania, you can lose without feeling guilty and still experience the same thrills. The only remaining query is how game developers like Playtika recruit casino patrons. Their marketing approach holds the key to the solution.

Analysis of the advertising strategy for Slotomania

Any mobile game’s user acquisition strategy must include paid advertising because it is the quickest way to attract a sizable user base. In Playtika’s case, the objective is to attract users who are interested in both playing casino games and making in-app purchases. I examine the best Slotomania advertisements in the section that follows to determine how well Playtika appeals to its target market.

Analysis of the best-performing creatives on Slotomania

The official John Goodman commercial

I wanted to start by including the official Slotomania commercial from late 2020. It stars John Goodman, a well-known performer best known for his work on the television series Roseanne. Additionally, he appears in the game and in other Slotomania advertisements. Here are some reasons why John Goodman is the ideal choice to promote Slotomania. As we’ve already established, mature players, specifically Gen X and Baby Boomers, are the intended audience for Slotomania. 

These groups of people are very familiar with John Goodman. Many people love him for his larger-than-life characters and remember him from the 1980s and 1990s, when he was at the height of his career. He was also a member of the 1952 birth cohort, which includes many Slotomania players. However, many younger players are also familiar with him thanks to his well-known role in Roseanne. For instance, many Millennials recall watching this TV program as children.

Three Lessons You Can Draw From the Game of Slotomania

To wrap up our analysis of Slotomania, I’ve provided a list of three key takeaways and pieces of advice. This is something to think about if you have a casino game when developing a user acquisition strategy.

Influencer marketing produces

Profits As we’ve seen with Slotomania and John Goodman, working with influencers and celebrities to promote mobile games is a great idea. especially if it is carried out in a creative and original manner. In addition, John Goodman plays a role in the game as well as the advertisements for Slotomania.

Broaden your audience

The advertising campaign for Slotomania makes it clear that Playtika wants to grow its user base. In other words, target gamers who enjoy role-playing, adventure, and even puzzle games in addition to casino customers. Many game studios are currently employing this tactic, and it is effective.

Target Various Gaming Genres with Creative

Create advertisements that will appeal to different types of gamers by incorporating elements of different game genres in order to reach a wider audience. Let’s say, for instance, that you have a casino game and want to appeal to players who enjoy puzzles. Puzzle games are primarily played for escapism, thinking, puzzle-solving, improving cognitive abilities, etc. As a result, it would be appropriate to include a casino-themed brainteaser or puzzle mini-game in the advertisement along with the question, “Can you solve it?” By doing this, you can draw in people who enjoy puzzles but are open to trying a casino game.Casino Philippines

Final Thoughts

As we’ve learned from this analysis of Slotomania, developing a killer user acquisition strategy is the first step to making money like Playtika did. Whatever the genre of the game, using innovative production and marketing strategies will ensure its success. Please message us if you require assistance, as we are experts in both.