60 second heist

There is little room for error with 60 seconds to complete a task, not even for seasoned heroes. 

A heist of that magnitude needs to be meticulously planned and carried out. A simple thief could not have committed such a precise crime. Someone with the skill set of, let’s say, Memphis Raines, the retired auto burglar from “Gone in 60 Seconds,” who had to burglarize 50 vehicles in a single evening to save his brother, would be required. If you didn’t see the movie, Nicolas Cage played Memphis Raines, so you know something significant is about to happen.

This is the case in the game 60 Second Heist from developer 4ThePlayer, which is only loosely similar to the 2000 film involving money, cars, and thieves. Additionally, it has a peculiar, albeit not entirely original, time-based bonus round with the technical capacity to completely blow up. Let’s set the scene first. The action is taking place behind a red supercar as it speeds past a police car on a street by the ocean. If the police are on them, does that mean the heist took longer than the allotted 60 seconds?

The scene has a vaguely Southern France, Monaco, or California vibe to it. This section of 4ThePlayer has been left open so that players can choose the setting that best suits their imaginations. Because of its slightly retro aesthetic, 60 Second Heist immediately made me think of the Outrun series of vintage video games, not a slot machine. The noise the reels made as they spun kind of killed the mood, but perhaps this was a kink in an early demo that 4ThePlayer plans to fix.

Numbers are one of the stronger aspects of 60 Second Heist, a highly volatile slot machine with bets ranging from 10p to £10. The theoretical return value for the goodwill is 96.5%, with hits occurring 21.34% of the time. You must maximize the progressive multiplier during free spins in order to have a chance at hitting its maximum potential of 60,000x.

60 second heist (1)60 Second Heist: Slot Features

Ten regular symbols are scattered across the 5×4 and 1,024-way game grid of 60 Second Heist in order to achieve this. Dollar bills, diamonds, gold, and two-character symbols, worth 2 to 4x the stake for five of a kind, make up the other half of the deck, along with 10-A royals, which are worth 1-2x the stake for five of a kind. Depending on whether you are playing the base game or the bonus game, wilds take one of two forms. Wilds perform the same function in both states, which is to replace all other symbols besides the scatter.

Extras are present in both play modes, with a Turbo Lock Respins feature in the main game. But when the bonus round launches and a timed round of free spins is given, that’s when the real fun begins.

Respins with Turbo Lock

Any successful spin during the base game may initiate this feature. The remaining positions respin while the winning symbols are all fixed in place. Any additional winning symbols lock for a subsequent respin. After five seconds of this process, the last win is given.

Free Spins for Win Time

When three of the scatter symbols are visible at once, the free spins feature is activated. Scatter symbols can appear on reels 1, 3, or 5. Here, the number of spins given to players is not fixed. Instead, a countdown clock starts at 60 seconds, and when it reaches zero, the round is over. The current spin and any winnings from it are awarded if this happens while the reels are in motion and the feature is still active. Additionally, pay attention to the edge of the reels where a light is moving. The win multiplier increases by one point for each full lap it completes and is then applied to all succeeding victories.

Several unique symbols could appear while you are in the free spins round. One is the Boost Scatter, which for a brief time boosts the speed at which the reels spin, the number of wins, and the light that circles the board. Additionally, extra time scatters, which increase the number of seconds on the clock, could land.

Bonus Bet

Players can modify a slider on the bonus bet feature when it is offered. A higher stake increases the likelihood of getting free spins. The prices will have distinct labels.


What is the 60-second heist RTP?

The RTP rate for 60 Second Heist is 96.5%, which is significantly higher than the 96% slot average. With high volatility, wins occur roughly every five spins, and the hit frequency is 21.34%.

What is the 60 Second Heist maximum win?

The most you can win in one spin is 60,000 times your initial bet. The Win Time Free Spins feature, which has an increasing multiplier with no upper limit, is where the bigger wins will occur.

Are there any 60 Second Heist free spins?

Yes, 60 seconds’ worth of free spins are given at the start of the Win Time Free Spins feature. Along with Boost or Extra Time scatters that speed up the spin speed, your time, and the light for the multiplier, there is an increasing win multiplier.

Is there a 60 Second Heist demo?

Yes, you are able to play the free version of 60 Second Heist here . 4ThePlayer offers a Big Reel Portrait Mode that is on all devices and enhances playback on your device.device.Casino Philippines

60 Second Heist: Conclusion

You have to kind of respect what 4ThePlayer is doing right now. They use unusual themes and unique, or largely original, gameplay to carve out a personal niche, and they are completely upfront about things like stats. While a timed bonus round is unusual, we have seen it before, most recently in Push Gaming’s Joker Troupe and Land of Zenith. This is why we say it is fairly original. It won’t appeal to everyone, just like those slots, but it’s at least something different to try.

Win Time Free Spins received favorable reviews for the most part. There were a few minor technical annoyances, such as the agonizingly slow speed with which the Extra Time symbol floats to the timer. It seems to take forever, and scatters might have done it faster with fewer additional seconds added. It can also be annoying how the timer is consumed by win countups. personal preference, and perhaps these details won’t bother other players as much. Additionally, it adds excitement to landing the Boost scatter symbol.

Free spins can definitely pay off, as we experienced a lot of Extra Time Symbol landings during the review. Things can become quite racy if you build a decent multiplier at the same time. Although Win Time Free Spins weren’t quite as utterly chaotic as Land of Zenith’s could be, the outcomes can still be astounding. Initially, it may be difficult to believe, and you’d be excused for dismissing the claimed 60,000x max win, but after witnessing 90K Yeti Gigablox go nuclear on screen, we have an open mind regarding what 60 Second Heist can accomplish.

The 60 Second Heist is a classic a 4ThePlayfor The Playern many ways. Experimental, a little off gimmicky,l, and a little gimmicky, but hard to fault for the studio’s openness and willingness to try new things.